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The Adventures of a Little Boy Named Dennis
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The Adventures of a Little Boy Named Dennis
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Launching of The Adventures of a Little Boy Named Dennis

by Dennis Demuth on 10/05/14

The Adventures of a Little Boy Named Dennis is a work in progress. It is primarily intended for our family and friends. All of the dates reflect the best recollection and are subject to change should anyone find an error.

Not all family members have had an opportunity to review the contents so I am expecting to add more items as they become known and as family member share them.

This first work is over 160 pages and covers the years of 1945 to 1966 and is still being prepared for publication on this new website. This first publication contains the first of six chapters.

Throughout the content are Reflections that focus on the goodness of God and His leading, protection and provision.

By placing this document on the internet we hope to obtain feedback more quickly from our family on specific events that are shared and those that may have been forgotten, yet need to be mentioned.

Please take time to sign our guest book and let us know what you think. All comments will be reviewed before posting.

Dennis Demuth

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