The Adventures of a Little Boy Named Dennis
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These pages contain more Adventures of a Little Boy Named Dennis. More chapters will be added - Beyond Russell, Return to Russell, Lake Wazeecha, Kenora Canada and Return to Wisconsin. Please sign our guest book and let us know if you are interested in being notified as more chapters are posted. Once you have read an adventure, please let us know which one you like the best.
- River Park-Clear Lake-Spear Fishing
2 - Cobblers Shop-Barber Shop
Chapter 2: More About Russell - 1951 
3 - Gravel Pit-Hood Ornaments-Grass Darts
- Platform Shoes-Swimming-Treasure Hunt
5 -Drug Store-Pop Bottles-Pea Shooters
6 -Baseball-Sunday School-Radio Tower-Garden Post
7 -Boy Scouts-Hot Rod-Bus Barn
- Blizzard-Bob's Motorcycle-Drive In
9 - Water Cistern-Oysters-RolleBolle-Horsehoes
Which adventures did you enjoy the most?1 River Park
2 Clear Lake
3 Fishing
4 Cobbler Shop
5 Barber Shop
6 Gravel Pit
7 Hood Ornaments
8 Grass Darts
9 Platform Shoes
10 Swimming
11 Treasure Hunt
12 Drug Store
13 Pop Bottles
14 Pea Shooters
15 Baseball
16 Sunday School
17 Radio Tower
18 Garden Post
19 Boy Scouts
20 Hot Rod
21 Bus Barn
22 Blizzards
23 Bob's Motorcycle
24 Drive In
25 Water Cistern
26 Oysters and Cigars
27 Rolle Bolle
28 Horseshoes